Selling Your Property Investment Off Market

investmentSell Your Property Investment Off Market With Glenham Property

At Glenham Property Investment we offer a complete property investment buying and selling solution.

If you are looking to sell a property on the open market it can sometimes be time consuming and expensive – which is where selling off market can provide an alternative solution, making selling your property quick and simple.

At Glenham our team of property investment specialists have over 20 years combined experience in the Edinburgh property market; including property sourcing, sale and acquisition and understand the needs of serious and sophisticated investors.

With our database of property investors we can make selling a property off-market easy and stress-free and offer the following benefits.

  1. No need to end tennancy or serve notice.
  2. No void period.
  3. No marketing fees or estate agency fees.
  4. Sell a complete portfolio of properties.
  5. Low-key sale.
  6. Break the sales chain and sell to a guaranteed buyer.

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