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Overseas Investors

It has been recently reported that local investors are losing out to overseas ones, given the rise in demand for purchasing buy to let properties in Edinburgh, for example.

Between 2017 and 2018, the rise in overseas investments has increased dramatically as attention shifts to the Scottish capital, thanks partly to cooling accommodation prices in London. Last year alone saw an over 30% rise in non-UK investors buying up Edinburgh property.

Edinburgh Property for Overseas Investors

However, buying property in Edinburgh can be particularly cumbersome for overseas investors – for one, there’s a myriad of tax, regulatory and legislative laws revolving around property investment which must be carefully considered. Simply put, there’s a lot to consider when purchasing property in Edinburgh as an overseas investor.

It is, therefore, crucial that as a non-UK resident, if you’re planning to buy, sell or even transfer residential Edinburgh property – you must consult a well-versed property management agency that has experience in advising and aiding international investors to buy property in Edinburgh.

Purchasing property for investment in an overseas country can be riddled with complexities – for instance, all the various taxes which may impact your return on investment and the different options so as to how property can be owned in Edinburgh – this alone can make choosing the property itself rather easy and straightforward in contrast.

If you’re an overseas investor who’s planning to sell or transfer property in Edinburgh, there may be, for instance, several tax implications and a regulatory framework to consider – after all, investors must report sales or transfers to the relevant UK tax authorities under stringent deadlines.

Expert advice is what you need – particularly when it comes to buying property in Edinburgh from overseas, and this is where our decade-long expertise comes in.

Clear and Transparent Advice on Overseas Investments

At Glenham Property, we have a clear and demonstrable track record of helping overseas clients with purchasing Edinburgh property. And as such, we help overseas investors by providing clear, prompt and personalised advice to meet their unique investment goals.

If you are an overseas investor planning to buy Edinburgh property, then look no further than Glenham. We can arrange an initial no-obligation consultation with you online at a local time that’s convenient.

In the meantime, sign-up and download the quarterly investor review below at no additional cost and join our Property Investment Club to learn more about Edinburgh investment properties, including exclusive access to off-market Edinburgh properties.

Why Choose Us for Overseas Investments

At Glenham, we are experts in sourcing property investments in Edinburgh with nearly 10 years of experience helping international investors buy, sell and manage their to let properties. Our seasoned property management team knows the Edinburgh property investment market inside and out.

Following their search, inspection and appraisals, they’ll get in touch with you with at least a handful of investment options alongside an offer price that complies with your budget.

Despite following our advice and recommendations, should your offer not be accepted, our team will continue to fight tooth and nail – searching, inspecting and reporting on all viable Edinburgh investment opportunities, until they zero in on properties that are suited to your investment goals, budget and circumstances.
Our straightforward advice for overseas clients has worked wonders, helping investors secure their dream property for letting in Edinburgh – but don’t take our word for it – check out our client testimonials and see for yourself.

At Glenham, our professional property management team has years of experience in sourcing and purchasing investment properties on behalf of overseas investors. Tapping into their diverse network of tax advisors, solicitors, tradesmen, furniture suppliers and developers, they can ensure that your property is fully managed and taken care of before it is handed over to tenants or put up on the market again, to help you meet projected returns.

Simply put, Edinburgh is the single most profitable place to invest in the UK – with rental and capital prospects slated to grow further over the next 5 years and beyond.

Bespoke One-on-one Advice

We have acted on behalf of investors from all over the world – including ex-pats who have relocated from Scotland and those who have never lived here. We can completely relate to the feeling of getting familiar with a new process before committing to the purchase or sale of a property, and understanding all the wider implications involved including tax and succession.

Our specialist overseas investment team will discuss all your unique investment goals at length and tailor advice according to your individual circumstances. We understand that you cannot afford the time to visit Edinburgh and source property yourself – fortunately, we are here to help you secure a return on investment that wholeheartedly meets your expectations.

By choosing Glenham, you are investing your valuable time and energy in property management professionals that have amassed extensive knowledge and expertise over the years – to help investors plan the acquisition, development and management of their overseas properties.

With access to your own dedicated Relationship Manager, you can be assured that each one of your Edinburgh properties will be managed to maximise returns throughout the year.

Complete Support with Property Investment in Edinburgh

Our team will engage in initial fact finding and advise on the best investment areas and pricing in the Edinburgh property market. As we shortlist a handful of properties for your consideration, we’ll also conduct full property inspections, appraisals and recommended offers.

With our guidance and help, you will not only be able to access desirable open-market properties but also have exclusive access to off-market ones. Join our Property Investment Club to learn more.

Whether you’re from Asia, the Middle East, Europe or anywhere in between, join our overseas investor portfolio today and also get a free quarterly investor review by signing up below.

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