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Property Developments in Edinburgh

The city of Edinburgh is rife with investment opportunities with property development booming. Thanks to the £20 million+ worth student flats scheme for Haddington Place moving forward, it’s not surprising to see smart and savvy property developers making the most of this profitable and thriving market in Scotland – a market full of students and young professionals.

Why Investing in Edinburgh Makes Sense

Edinburgh – arguably among Scotland’s most popular and widely celebrated cities – offers new property developments boasting modern luxury in contrast with renovated Georgian-era tenement blocks. This provides a superb variety of property investment opportunities in the city, but these are certainly not the only reasons so as to why it makes complete sense to buy and develop property in Edinburgh.

Keeping in view the 10-15% rise in house prices over the last year, it is advisable to invest in Edinburgh property now rather than later, because prices are slated to rise further.

Once you carefully look at some facts, it immediately becomes apparent so as to why Edinburgh is such a desirable investment avenue, with so many new and seasoned developers alike looking for opportunities to make good on their investments.

Edinburgh is Scotland’s second-most populated city – the academic institutions here bring over 40,000 students each year from not just Scotland but all over the UK. Multi-million businesses are also headquartered in the city which means there’s always a booming and thriving population of young and affluent professionals looking for accommodation.

The city itself, however, has a lot to offer apart from career opportunities – being a historic location and a world-renowned cultural site. The shopping centres and night life speaks volumes of the local culture and it’s no wonder there so many tenants looking to find a cosy spot in Edinburgh.

In fact, Edinburgh’s accommodation scene has been avidly described as something out of ‘The Hunger Games’ movies – where up to 30 students at a time are fighting to find a spot in an Edinburgh flat.

The Best Performing Property Developments in Edinburgh

If you’re making plans to invest in Edinburgh property development, then you need to consider a few things beforehand.

For instance, one of the first aspects to consider is to identify the target market. While there is a world of excellent development opportunities in Edinburgh, it always pays to develop property with the goal and intention of attracting appropriate tenants.

It is also important to have sufficient knowhow of the developmental area. So, it goes without saying that if you’re planning to develop property for student rentals, you will naturally invest in a location close to the main university campuses. On the other hand, if you plan to attract young professionals, you will target areas closer to the main business districts or the airport, for instance.

Our Edinburgh property development team at Glenham has in-depth knowhow of all Edinburgh areas. They will offer practical and up-to-the-minute advice on which city areas to start your search – and will source properties accordingly.

Once appropriate potential properties have been short-listed, we will carefully devise an investment strategy for you, both short and long term. For example, to maximise long-term returns, you should develop property as multiple self-contained units – providing maximum returns.

Expert Property Development in Edinburgh

Another major aspect to consider when it comes to property development in Edinburgh is careful budget planning. Apart from the initial purchase cost, you must acquire the necessary funding to have your accommodation up to the right standard, so that the ideal tenant profile can be attracted.

Since all gross income is subject to tax, you need to sit down with a calculator and ensure that your return on investment is sound enough – before making any commitments to purchase. Then, there are elements like repairwork, redecorating and cleaning costs to take into account – while none of these will hold you back from securing a good profit, you should still be aware of them. You certainly don’t want to run into any unnecessary or otherwise unexpected costs down the line.

Finding a location that’s right for your ideal tenants, assessing a potential property’s profitability, help and advice on number crunching – our property development team is on hand to provide all the support you need, even if you’re not in Scotland yourself.

Bespoke Property Development Edinburgh Service

We may not be the cheapest or the largest property development and management agency in Edinburgh, but we’re certainly among the most sought after, and with good reason.

We’ve helped hundreds to thousands of Edinburgh property developers source properties according to their unique goals and outcome criteria. Our team is on standby and ready to help with the letting process as well as property maintenance and ongoing management. We like to see ourselves as a one-stop destination which exists to meet all your property investment and development requirements.

Take advantage of the buoyant Edinburgh property development market today – buy property for yourself and benefit from the capital gains or enjoy lucrative returns from rentals. We will do what it takes to ensure that your investment delivers all year round.

If you already have a property in mind, get an instant valuation now. In the meantime, join our Property Investment Club to get the latest news on Edinburgh property investments and development, including exclusive access to off-market properties for development.

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