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Maximise Rental Profits – Short Term Letting and Long Term Letting

Unless you have a proper letting strategy in place, you will not be able to reap the most benefit from your investments.

This especially holds true for Edinburgh property investments because the city has a strong student market always looking to find accommodation. Plus, the popular summer festival period in August drives people from all over the city who need a place to stay – whether they are attending the festival or working as a performer.

This provides a much needed centre stage for your home through which you proudly put it up on display, inviting people to take a look – that is, people who fulfil your tenant criteria. Therefore, you need a letting agency by your side to help you plan short term letting and also long term letting that’s going to span across the rest of the calendar year.

We know every nook and cranny within the beautiful city of Edinburgh – we know exactly who is looking for what at any point in time. Our unique service helps you maximise letting opportunities by finding suitable student tenants who need a place to rent during their academic year – we’ll switch your property to festival lets during the summer season so that it never collects dust while lying vacant.

Learn more about how a robust short and long term letting strategy can help you maximise profit from Edinburgh property all throughout the calendar year.

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