Choosing the Right Letting Agent

Property as an asset class continues to outperform most others and has become increasingly popular with investors either as a means of diversification or as a source of residual income. But investing into residential property and operating in the private residential sector (PRS) is becoming more and more complex and hence the element of risk for the individual has also increased dramatically.

The result is there is now a significant need for landlords to either educate themselves and keep up to date with ongoing changes to regulations and legislation themselves or seek out professional asset management companies that fully understand these complexities and who can put strategies in place to mitigate the risks. Yet I am continually surprised by the number of individuals who see no benefit in seeking the best advice possible, in fact they only see the negatives and make decisions based on cost rather than long term gain. In short going cheap can ultimately cost in the long term.

Warren Buffet said “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”

There is a value for professionalism that results from ongoing training and the knowledge built up over years of experience that good quality agents offer. Of course, I am not saying that an agent charges ridiculous fees, they must demonstrate real value and hence must give their price legitimacy. The focus for the customer should be on the value of a product or service so the client understands the advantages of using a company with proper knowledge and expertise. The fee charged must be reasonable for the marketplace so buyers who do their homework will know the price is competitive.

We also understand that many landlords feel let down by their agents and certainly don’t see the value in the fees they are being charged! But changing letting agents is often viewed as a bit of a bind, too much hassle, too time consuming, costly, confrontational and often it is the case of “better the devil you know”.

The reality is swapping agents doesn’t need to be difficult and really requires only one input from the landlord which is to give notice to their current managing agent. There will be contractual obligations about notice periods so anyone looking to swap would need to check in advance. Once the notice has been given and accepted then we can normally deal with all of the admin involved in swapping and making sure everything is in place correctly.

We are so convinced we can provide the service we feel landlords should expect that we offer a “try before you buy” free property management trial.

Glenham is a multi award-winning Edinburgh property management company. As we are investors and landlords ourselves as such, we can empathise with our client base and we fully understand the problems they face when managing or investing in property. As a team it is our mission to apply the traditional values of integrity and communication to build trusting relationships with our client landlords while at the same time utilising technology and innovation to ensure we remain at the forefront of the lettings business.

We have an intimate and extensive knowledge of the Edinburgh market built on over 40 years of combined experience and are proud of our track record and awards. Our primary focus is to ensure our clients maximise returns from their investments while at the same ensuring their legal and regulatory requirements as a landlord are met. We ensure property is looked after, well maintained and provides our tenants with high quality homes. We are constantly reviewing the market and keep up to date with any economic and regulatory changes that occur within the PRS which enables us to react quickly to a changing world and come up with solutions for our clients

We are an ARLA regulated company which means we meet and surpass the minimum regulatory requirements for letting agents in Scotland. We pride ourselves on a customer focused and personal approach to property management with a single property manager looking after your property and who will deal with all aspects of the ongoing management and tenancies.

If you would like to have an informal chat about our services, how we add value and what the process is to swap agency then please do get in touch.

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