Different Types of Landlords

Here at Glenham Property we know that a one size service does not fit all. This is why not only do we have two types of property management service but we also tailor our product to perfectly fit different types of landlords.

People are landlords for different reasons;

1. Parental Landlord – you have bought the property for a family member to stay at while they are at university.

  • Glenham will provide you with regular updates on the property and condition so you know your investment is in good hands. We will also be on the ground to help out whenever needed.

2. First-time Landlord – you are completely new to being a landlord.

  • Glenham have a guide to becoming a landlord in Scotland, download this here.  We will take you through the whole process and explain all you need to know, including the legislation, law and your responsibilities. We will give you the upsides and the downsides so you will be in a position to make a balanced judgement.

3. Parents In Elderly Care Landlord

  • We offer a full rental appraisal and valuation with recommendations on maximising the rental value.  We carry out rigorous credit checks, referencing and tenant selection to ensure the best tenants are chosen.

4. Inherited Property Landlord

  • Glenham can help you with questions around capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

5. Moved In With Your Partner Landlord – You need to let out your old property

  • We provide peace of mind that we will look after the property and select the best tenants who will respect the property. We carry out full inventory and condition reports and regular inspections.

6. Moved Away From The Area Landlord

  • We conduct annual site inspections and provide full inventories of the property so you have piece of mind your property is being looked after.

7. Letting because it is not viable to sell landlord

  • We will provide information on the rent to buy scheme.

8. Buy and refurb landlord

  • Glenham provide refurbishment advice, advice on maximising rental returns, and any recommended contractors.

9. Professional Landlord – You know what you are doing but you just need some help finding tenants.

10. Capital Growth Pension Landlord

  • We’ll help select the best property to maximise the rental yield and capital appreciation, and therefore the best return on investment.

Download Our Guide To Property Management

You can download our free guide to property management and learn about becoming a landlord in Scotland. Simply fill in your details below and it will be emailed out to you.