Financial Review Service

People invest for various reasons but primarily it is about building wealth and preparing for retirement or perhaps as a way towards financial freedom. Whatever the reasons any investor should be looking to get the best possible returns from their assets. As one of the top Edinburgh letting agents, we are perfectly positioned to help you achieve this.

Maximise Your Income with Glenham

At Glenham we are all about good financial planning and proactive asset management, our focus is on ensuring our clients are maximising their income stream and overall returns from their investments. To really ensure that a residential property portfolio is optimised then a degree of detective work and analysis is needed and a full “health check is required.”

We offer investors a full asset review service to make sure that returns are maximised.

We will analyse your residential portfolio looking at the following:


Are your rents at the right level, void times etc?


Can we secure a better premium?


Whether they are tax-efficient.


How much you’re paying in fees etc?


Are you on the best possible rate?

This will allow us to build a picture of the current performance from your investments and will allow us to see if we can improve on these.

Available Services

Basic Review

This is a basic fact find service and would require some simple information about your current residential assets. Primarily current rent, mortgage costs, insurance details and other associated running costs. This will enable us to build a picture of the current performance from your investments and will allow us to see if we can improve on these.


Tax Analysis

We also offer an extended service that includes a level of tax analysis with the aim being to look at the tax position of the individual (and potentially a spouse) and see if any bands are being wasted/are any reliefs not being claimed. Or if anything is being done incorrectly. It’s effectively a “peace of mind” service but does require a greater degree of investigative work.


Strategic Planning

This would occur when we feel there is room to improve overall returns and is more in depth. We would look at the results in detail to ascertain if we can restructure to maximise returns and explore if the tax position can be improved. We could also look at changing the current mortgage to secure a better rate, or if a client wanted to release equity to reinvest, we could also look at this. The ultimate aim to improve performance and overall income and mitigate risk.

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