The Different Types of Landlords

Here at Glenham Property we know that one size does not fit all, which is why we take time to find out about what you need from a property agency and we will then create a perfectly tailored solution to match your needs.

In a recent survey carried out by Letmc 14 different types of landlords were identified (see results below) which is why we make sure that we completely understand your circumstances before recommending a particular service to you.


The Results of the Survey 

I am a first-time landlord (17%)
I am a live-in landlord (1%)
I am a landlord because I want to invest in property (41%)
I became a landlord reluctantly (4%)
I am a landlord because I have an elderly parent in care (1%)
I am a landlord because I inherited a property (7%)
I moved in with a partner and needed to rent out my old property (3%)
I moved out of the area altogether so put my house up for rent (7%)
I am a landlord because selling the house did not seem viable (7%)
I am a Do-It-Yourself/builder landlord who refurbishes properties then rents them out (11%)

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