Why Paying For Investment Expertise Is Worthwhile

As the route to investing into the residential property market becomes more and more complex the element of risk for the individual also increases. The result is that there is a significant need for investors to seek out professional asset management companies that fully understand these complexities and who can put strategies in place to mitigate risk and work towards purchasing a solid investment that offers the best potential for yield and strong returns.

And yet I am continually surprised by the number of individuals who see no benefit in seeking the best advice possible and in fact only see the negatives and make decisions based on initial cost rather than long term gain.

There are many people who do not appreciate the value of years of experience and professionalism and we as service providers are often asked to justify this.  Of course I am not saying that we are free to charge anything we like, we must demonstrate value and hence a business or individual must give their price legitimacy. To do this the fee we charge must be reasonable for the marketplace so buyers who do their homework will know the price is competitive. We must focus on the value of a product or service and sell the benefits so the client understands the advantage of using a company with knowledge and expertise.

Glenham is an award winning company in addition we are investors ourselves and have an intimate knowledge of the market place built on over 40 years of combined experience. As members of ARLA all our staff receive ongoing training and we stay abreast of all the legislative, economic and regulatory changes that occur within the PRS which enables us to react quickly to a changing world and come up with solutions for our clients. The primary focus is always to ensure that we manage our client’s assets in a way that is designed to maximise their returns.

Property as an asset should be viewed as part of a diversified portfolio and all elements of this should be examined to build up an overall investment strategy to maximise returns and mitigate risk. The secret to coming out on top is to focus on attacking the process of property investing in a new way – a holistic way. With increased levels of regulation, taxation, and hence, cost it is no longer enough to simply buy right or negotiate well. Investors need to learn that a more rigorous approach to each property purchase is necessary if they want to reap strong returns.

But all of this takes time, knowledge, experience and a professional approach. As mentioned previously the market is now a very complex one and the opportunity for individuals to make mistakes, and in the worst cases bad investments that might end up in someone losing money are greater than ever before.

It is time for investors to step up and focus on a 360 degrees approach to investing in property. This approach enables a planned and calculated strategy – that will prepare them for success in the many steps of investing in property to come and should in the long term ensure they benefit from the high levels of return that property can offer.

As forward thinking asset managers we at Glenham embrace this view and can offer our existing clients a 360 degrees review of their existing assets and through our network of trusted partners we can build an investment plan going forward to maximise their returns by taking into account all areas of an individual’s circumstances.

For those who are looking to invest in residential property we can help by building an investment strategy based on this holistic approach and ensuring our client buys the best performing asset possible.

Property as an asset class continues to outperform most others but the route to market is becoming increasingly complex and in order for an investor to benefit from the high levels of returns that can be achieved they really should look to seek best advice from people who understand the market and can help dodge the pitfalls. With Glenahms 360 degrees property investment approach, you can buy, grow and protect your property portfolio with confidence.

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