Edinburgh Property Market

The Edinburgh property market continues to perform very strongly year on year. Whilst Scottish rents have increased by 3.6% on average, Edinburgh has increased by 3.8%.

Demand continues to outstrip supply in key areas and the long term outlook is for rental demand to increase due to the effect of ‘Generation Rent’ and the lack of new homes being built across Scotland. This coupled with the strong student market (45,000 students) and growing professional sectors the overall outlook is extremely positive. The average time to let a property is currently 28 days which again is better than the average four Scotlands major cities at 32 days.

Quality properties in Edinburgh continue to be extremely sought after and some can be let within 24 hours for new listings in key areas.

Investing in the Edinburgh property market continues to make excellent financial sense and we are seeing typical gross yields of circa 65 and as high as 9% for quality HMO licenced properties. Coupled with good long term predicted capital appreciation and excellent financial products extremely attractive returns on investment can be achieved.

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