Changes to HMO Licensing

We thought it might be worthwhile pointing out quickly that there have been some recent changes to HMO licensing which are outlined below.

From June 1st the costs for renewing or applying for a license will be as follows:

3 bed £540
4 bed £720
5 bed £900
6 bed £1,130

Existing license holders when applying for a second or subsequent renewal can apply for either a 1 or 3 year license and the cost remains the same as above for both.

Granting a 3 year license will be at the discretion of the council, it will be awarded on a case by case basis and can be restricted to a 1 year license based on the following:

  • Premises/landlords that are subject to ongoing monitoring where issues have been identified by council officers.
  • Premises/landlords that are subject to enforcement action.
  • Premises/landlords where previous complaints have been upheld.
  • Premises/landlords that have failed to complete remedial work, identified upon. inspection, within four weeks from the first inspection visit date, without prior consent of the council.

In addition it is now a requirement that the following are submitted with the application

  • Annual emergency lighting certificate
  • Annual Fire Appliances Certificate or current invoice
  • Annual Part 1 Fire Alarm System Certificate
  • Annual Sprinkler System inspection certificate (if fitted)

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