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Short Term Lets in Edinburgh

If you’re looking to make some extra income, why not put up your Edinburgh property for short term lets or Edinburgh Festival lets?

Unfortunately, more and more landlords in Edinburgh find themselves having to deal with the painful and frustrating ordeal of seeing their property vacant. The months pass by, and even as their property value increases, they can’t seem to find suitable tenants.

To further complicate matters, many landlords can’t afford the time or energy to personally oversee handing over of the house keys, or continued upkeep and maintenance, even if they do manage to find tenants.

We completely understand the pains and ordeals of being away from your property, let alone seeing it lying vacant from month to month. When you work with an Edinburgh letting agency like Glenham, you can earn lots of money every month, even if you’re not in the city yourself. And you don’t have to fly halfway across from the UK or anywhere else in the world, just to meet your prospective tenants or sign the agreement.

You may be in the process of migrating to a new job or considering moving homes and at odds so as to what you should do with your Edinburgh property. Your troubles end today because we can put your property up for a short term let – the perfect way to put your asset to good use and earn extra money, as you carefully plan and focus on other areas of life that demand your time and energy.

Edinburgh Festival Lets

A lucrative way to earn money from short lettings is the Edinburgh Festival – a month-long event each August that draws tourists and performers from all over the city – all of whom require accommodation from a few days up to the entire four weeks.

As a landlord, you probably can’t afford the time, effort or oversight to attract high-paying tenants for your short lets – let alone prepare the property for rental and ensuring that all the paperwork has been taken care of. Then there’s legislation and regulations that you must adhere to while doing so.

Working with an a seasoned Edinburgh property letting agency ensures that your property is given only to appropriate tenants along with any property management that may be required before and after your tenant(s) move in such as general maintenance, upkeep, repairs or other maintenance emergencies.

Sign up today to effortlessly have your property rented out for a short term let. Share your property details with us and get a free landlord guide in the process:

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